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Landlord gas safety checks

Gas Safety: Landlord’s responsibility

If you’re looking to rent out your property, as a landlord it is a legal requirement that all gas appliances, pipework, chimney and flues in the property are checked on an annual basis. This is for the safety of the tenants and to have overall peace of mind that all gas aspects within the building are maintained and meet the compliant standards. The checks must be carried out by a Gas Safe engineer who will check that everything is working in correct order and that appliances such as gas ovens, gas stoves and handheld devices are safe to use. The certificate provided will be delivered within 28 days of the check being completed, and the tenants must have a copy of this before moving into the property. If you’re a landlord that owns multiple properties then you’ll need to acquire a Gas Safety certificate separately for each of the buildings you are renting out to future tenants. 

What is a Gas Safety certificate

The Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate or CP12 certificate is a document that demonstrates that Gas Safety checks have been carried out in the named property by a professional. They can only be supplied by registered gas engineers and details what appliances have been tested and provide further details of the inspection that have been carried out. You’ll need one each for the properties that you are renting out as a landlord and will also need to provide tenants with a copy before they move in. As it is a legal requirement to have a Gas Safety certificate, you could risk a fine or even imprisonment without one.

Process of gas safety checks

As it is the landlord’s responsibility to obtain Gas Safety certificates for their multiple properties or a single property, Gas Safe engineers such as Alsto Heat Ltd can assist. The initial cost will depend on a number of factors such as location, how many properties you have and whether or not you have boiler cover. Once you have booked an appointment for the landlord Gas Safety checks to be carried out by Alsto Heat Ltd, we’ll arrive at the property in question at a time that suits you and will do a thorough check of the following:

• Are the safety cut out devices working properly?

• Do all gas appliances operate at the correct pressure?

• Is the gas being burned correctly?

• Are all flues and chimneys clear and safely emit fumes to the exterior of the property?

• Is there enough air flow to the appliances?

Our expert and experienced engineers will do a thorough check throughout the entire property and will sign off if satisfied. If it’s not the engineer will make comments and provide guidance on areas to improve to make the property satisfactory, and above all safe for the new tenants, for the Gas Safety check record to be signed. The certificate lasts for 12 months and it’s advised to schedule a safety check ahead of time to ensure that there are no gaps missing in the legal documents if renting out the property for more than a year. If a new gas appliance has been installed you do not need a new certificate. Speak to our advisors at Alsto Heat Ltd for more information.